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Our Zinc Plating  kit  is ideal for any classic car or motorbike restoration project, where plating is required to finish, protect and enhance components. The kit is ideal for plating items such as nuts, bolts and brackets. Although the zinc plating kit is primarily used on steel parts, it can also be used on iron, brass and copper.

The zinc plating kit is based on the commercial electroplating system we use for our own restoration projects here at Classic Plating. The  zinc plating kit gives professional results for the DIY enthusiast. These kits make it practical to restore and protect the myriad of smaller parts that are often left unloved during a restoration project because of the expense involved.

With care, and advice where needed, any DIY enthusiast or restorer using one of our kits with the comprehensive instruction manual, can produce quality results.

Demonstration Video  https://youtu.be/jctW7L1jObA



The part to be plated must be spotless to get a good finish. Excessive rust, dirt and grease can be removed with a wire brush or by sand blasting. We have found electrolytic cleaning gives the best results.

After cleaning the part, the Alkaline Degreaser is used to clean the last traces of grease  and dirt while the Acid Pickle activates the surface ready for plating. Both are essential to prepare the surface prior to plating and can be used to remove rust. Further details are included in the Zinc Plating Kit manual. 1

Bright Zinc Plating Kit Contents

 Standard Kit: 5 LitresLarge Kit: 10 LitresProfessional Kit: 15 LitresProfessional +
High quality Zinc Electrolyte5 litres10 litres15 litres15 litres
Alkaline Degreaser 250g250g500g500g
Pre-plating Acid Pickle. 250g250g500g500g
Alekos Starter 360ml540ml540ml540ml
Alekos Brightener 50ml50ml100ml100ml
High purity zinc anodes 280g280g375g375g
Yellow Passivate
(makes up to 9 litres)
9 litres9 litres9 litres9 litres
Blue/Clear Passivate (makes up to 9 litres)9 litres9 litres9 litres9 litres
Surfactant Degreaser50ml50ml50ml50ml
Safety Goggles.1111
Dust mask.1111
Power Supply
3 to 12 Volts and 5 Amps3 to 12 Volts and 5 Amps3 to 12 Volts and 5 AmpsBench Power Supply
0-30 Volts
0-10 Amps.
Tanks5 Litre Tank10 Litre Tank3 x 10 Litre Tank3 x 10 Litre Tank
Air pump, air stone & tubing11
Tank Filter11
pH Meter11
Wire Connector Pack1122
Tank Heater11
Safety Gloves1111
Crocodile Clips2222
French, German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish and English
French, German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish and English
French, German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish and English
French, German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish and English
French, German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish and English


The zinc plating kit also contains two passivates.

Dip the part in a passivate solution for 30 seconds, immediately after plating for the desired finish and enhanced protection against corrosion.

Use the Yellow/Gold passivate for a gold finish with outstanding corrosion protection characteristics.

Use the Clear/blue passivate for a bright silver finish or if left longer  for a blue sheen finish. Both finishes provide long lasting corrosion protection.

Black and Olive Drab passivates are available as optional extras.


Used with a metallic spray, this kit is ideal for plating non-metallic items (Baby’s first shoes are popular items for plating)

Value for money, high quality and economical, this kit comes with a comprehensive plating guide and safety instructions, containing all the information you will need to start plating your project. Instruction manuals available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and German. Our products are fully supported by a customer service technical helpline and email support.


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