Olive Green Drab Military Passivate



Olive Green Drab Military Passivate is a process for producing an olive drab chromate on zinc plate, and is suitable for use with acid, cyanide and alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating. The kit includes enough chemicals to make 5 litres of olive drab passivate. This works well with our bright zinc plating kit producing a military style corrosive resistant surface.


  • Olive Drab colour
  • Long solution life
  • Ease of control
  • Good corrosion reistance

Our olive drab chromate concentrate produces a military style olive drab conversion coating on Zinc plated items. It offers high salt spray resistance for up to 130 hours to white rust corrosion and 160-200 hours to red rust corrosion. Dip zinc plated parts at 25 to 35 degrees for 30-60 seconds. For best results dry with hot air at 55 degrees maximum

Note: Please read the safety instructions included with the kit. The chemicals in this kit are hazardous.


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