Clear Blue Passivate


  • Clear Blue Passivate 180ml. Makes up to 9 Litres.
  • Nitric Acid Pickle. makes up to 5 litres.
  • Tank 5 litre.
  • Process Guide.

After zinc plating the part, it is thenĀ  dipped into the passivate for up to 45 seconds. The zinc & the chromate react to form a bright clear surface with a bluish tinge.

Our blue chromate concentrate produces a true blue conversion coating on Zinc plated items. It offers high alt spray resistance for up to 130 hours to white rust corrosion and 160-200 hours to red rust corrosion. Dip zinc plated parts at 20+ degrees for 15-40 seconds. For best results dry with hot air at 50 degrees

Check out our feedback and check out the size of the kit. Nobody does it better.

Note: Please read the safety instructions included with the kit. The chemicals in this kit are hazardous.


Clear / Blue passivate gives a bright silver finish or if left longer will impart a blue sheen. Both finishes provide long lasting corrosion protection.

Yellow/Gold passivate gives a gold finish with outstanding corrosion protection characteristics.

Black Satin and Olive Drab passivate are also available.


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