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Each kit is delivered with either 5 or 10 litre tanks. The main plating tank has three drilled brackets attached to the outside of the tank
The drilled brackets are used to suport a piece of stainless steel support wire.
Each kit is supplied with a set of pre drilled anodes. These are Nickel anodes. Copper, Zinc and Steel anodes are larger and come in sheet form. The process is identical for all of the plating kits.
Cut 6" to 8" lenghs of either the Stainless Steel or Titanium wire and attach one to each anode
Attach the anode to the wire at the top of the tank
Flip the anode on its piece of wire into the tank
Repeat, placing all of the anodes into the tank. Stainless steel wires should not touch the electrolyte when hanging the anodes. It is ok for the Titanium wire to sit in the electrolyte.
Using the rubber suction stickers, attach the heater to the side of the tank. DO NOT switch the heater on untill you have added water to the tank. Following the instructions for your kit add the warm water and chemicals to the tank.
Stir until all the chemicals have dissolved. Place the support bar accross the top of the tank.
Thoroughly clean and degrease the item you are going to plate, in this case a piece of copper pipe. Rinse and dip into the acid pickle before rinsing again and placing it into the tank, supporting it from the bar.
Connect the currentplate for approximately 25 minutes, stirring occasionaly (every 5 minutes)
After 25 minutes remove from the bath and rinse in water.
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