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Tank Filter

This plating tank filter should be used in conjunction with the dual output air pump above.
Easy to set up and attaches to the side of the tank.
The filter works while the air pump is on and traps debris in the foam filter, reducing pitting on the plating.
Always make sure that the electrolyte is up to temperature and that all the chemicals are dissolved before switching the filter on.

Current Controller

The current controller is used with a 12v power supply, such as a battery charger or a 12v battery.

Allows you to vary the current to match the size of the object being plated and can be used with any of the plating kits.
Electrical Connector Pack

Electrical Connector pack contains 2M copper wire.  2M Stainless Steel wire. 2 x 1m red/black insulated wire and 2 crocodile clips
Bench Plating Machine

The APS 3005D  Adjustable is a regulated single output 0 ~ 30V power supply with current limiting from 0~5A. With an LCD readout showing the voltage and current being supplied, it is ideal for plating items up to 40 square inches and anodising items up to 50 square inches. It can be used for brush plating and electro cleaning. Includes leads plus adaptor for plating brushes.

Brush Plating AC\DC Power Adaptor.

Power max. 7.2W
Male red bullet connectors fitted for use with our wands and black bullet male bullet connectors to attach to clips.
Input voltage 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Output current max. 600mA (all output voltages)
Output voltage 3.0/4.5/5.0/6.0/7.5/9.0/12.0Vdc
Dimension 41 x 64 x 51mm
Weight 120g
Glass Tank Heater

This heater is thermostatically controlled from 20c to 34c. It can be used with any of the plating kits
Brush Plating Brushes

The plating applicator\brushes are manufactured to our own design to produce superior results. The black and blue brushes have stainless steel handles, accept a 4mm plug and have replaceable heads. The red brush is for copper, the yellow\green brush is for brass, the blue brush is for zinc. The black brush is for all others
The brushes come in two sizes, standard and detail.  The brushes can be used with a bench plating machine or with our specially adapted  AC\DC power adaptor.
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