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Electrolytic Cleaning System
Optional Extras

Electroplating Power Supply

Heavy duty electrolyte chemicals for steel, cast iron etc.
Light duty electrolyte chemicals for delicate items, aluminium and other alloys.
Makes  60 litres of electrolyte.
5.5 litre tank

Steel Anodes
Wiring pack
Rubber gloves.
Dust mask
Safety data sheets.
Comprehensive user guide.
We pride ourselves in giving the best customer service, while producing high quality reasonably priced kits for the DIY enthusiast restorer. This kit is cheap, easy to use and very effective.
Value for money, high quality and economical, this kit comes with a comprehensive cleaning guide and safety instructions, containing all of the information you will need to start preparing your items for plating. Our products are fully supported by a customer service technical helpline and email support.
The Electrolytic metal cleaning system is a must for any restorer. It will easily remove rust, paint and grease from any metal parts, without the need to resort to wire brush, sand blaster or highly corrosive chemicals and it’s easy on the parts. It’s so easy you have to see it to believe it, so we’ve set up a series of photos below to show the steps involved and the results. Setting up is easy with the comprehensive instruction guide.
Electrolytic Cleaning System


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