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"every thing you need to start silver plating, including alkaline cleaner and acid activator are included in the kit.. "
We pride ourselves in giving the best customer service, while producing high quality reasonably priced kits for the DIY enthusiast restorer. This kit will plate double the area of our nearest rival.

Easy to use, the silver brush plating kit produces outstanding results on steel, iron, brass, nickel and replica chrome. The kit is ideal for plating smaller items, or patching larger items. Repair scratched  items for a “new” look

The plating pens\brushes included in the kit are  manufactured to our own design. The kit includes fine and detailed plating pens and the larger area standard brush. Spare nibs and foam heads are included in the kit and are available on line.

This kit will produce a bright mirror like finish in 10 minutes.

Used with a metallic spray, this kit is ideal for plating non-metallic items (Baby’s first shoes are popular items for plating)

Used in conjunction with our Zincate and Nickel kits you can also plate aluminium.

Value for money, high quality and economical, this kit comes with a comprehensive plating guide and safety instructions, containing all of the information you will need to start plating your project. Our products are fully supported by a customer service technical helpline and email support.

Note: Please read the safety instructions included with the kit. The chemicals in this kit are hazardous.

For best results the item to be plated should be as smooth and as shiny as possible before plating.

50ml, 100ml or 200ml concentrated Silver plating solution.

200ml Alkaline cleaner.

200ml Acid pickle activator.

Deluxe  plating brush.

Deluxe detailed plating pen.

Deluxe fine plating pen.

Replacement nibs and head.

Jewellers  polishing cloth impregnated with jewellers rouge.

Working cup with lid.

Variable DC voltage supply.

Rubber gloves.

Safety data sheets.

Comprehensive user guide and safety data sheets.

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