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The kit contains plating electrolyte, degreaser and an acid pickle. You cannot plate if the item has grease on the surface. Wear the rubber gloves to prevent grease
The power supply has a voltage adjustment. Set it to between 4.5 and 7.5 volts. Attach a plating brush or detail pen to the red terminal. Connect a crocodile clip to the black terminal
With our gloves on we first have to degrease the item. Use the swab and the alkaline degreaser to clean the item. To test that the grease is gone, hold the item under a trickle of water. If the water beads there is grease present on the surface. Carry on cleaning
Rinse the item in clean water
Now activate the surface of the item with the acid pickle. Rub the item using the swab and acid pickle. Do this for a couple of minutes, then rinse the item
Now we can start plating. Take a small mug and fill it with hot water which we will use to raise the temperature. Pour some gold electrolyte into the small plastic cup.
Grip the item with the crocodile lip dip the brush into the electrolyte and start "painting" the item. Do not hold the brush still in one position as this can mark the surface. The brush should "fizz" while in contact.
Continue plating to get a good coverage. Dip the item in the hot water from time to time to keep the temperature up. You can speed up the plating by using the cup to tank plate.
While "tank" plating you will see bubbles rising from the brush and the item being plated
Within a few minutes you will have a good plating of gold on the item.
Rinse and then using the jewellers rouge cloth in the kit, give the item a quick shine.
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