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Ideal for DIY car or motorcycle enthusiast restoration.

You can anodise most types of aluminium and once anodised and fixed, the surface becomes very hard giving good corrosion protection. The process also allows the surface of the aluminium to be dyed many different colours and shades.

Aluminium Anodising takes about an hour to anodise and up to 15 minutes to dye depending on the shade and depth of colour required. It then takes 30 minutes to fix the dye and seal the surface.  

This complete Aluminium Anodising kit comes with a comprehensive anodising guide, taking you through the various stages of anodising, from setting up the aluminium anodising tank, cleaning, de-greasing, etching and de smutting and  the aluminium anodising process itself, then finally rinsing, dying, fixing and polishing.

Power for the aluminium anodising is provided by either a 12v car battery or battery charger used in conjunction with the current controller included in the kit.

The Aluminium Anodising solution should last years if kept clean.

We pride ourselves in giving the best customer service, while producing high quality reasonably priced kits for DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Check out our feedback and check out the size of the kit. Nobody does it better.
Aluminium Anodising Kit
Std Anodising Kit - 5 Ltr
Anodises Aluminium.


Optional Extras

Bench power supply


Anodising solution (makes 5 litres of industrial strength electrolyte)
5 litre anodising tank and lid

5 litre Stripper / etch tank and lid
2 x  225mm x 90mm High purity lead anodes 
1kg Anodising stripper and etch (makes 5 litres)
5.5 litre anodising stripper/etch tank and lid 
2 metres of aluminium wire
Connector wires pack

Current Controller



Aluminium Anodising kit guide 
Whether the project is large or small, this is an ideal cost effective kit for renovating and producing corrosion free parts. Setting up is easy with the comprehensive aluminium anodising guide.

The size and scope of the items plated is limited only by the size and shape of the tank you use for

Based on the commercial system we use for our own restoration projects, this Aluminium Anodising kit gives professional results for the DIY enthusiast. The kit is essential if you are restoring aluminium components that have been subjected to neglect.

Value for money, high quality and economical, the Aluminium Anodising kit comes with a comprehensive anodising guide and safety instructions, containing all of the information you will need to start anodising. Our products are fully supported by a customer service technical helpline and email support. The aluminium anodising solution should last years if kept clean.

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