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Acid Pickle
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Dry Acid Pickle 500g
5.5 litre tank
Safety data sheets.
Comprehensive user guide.
Acid Pickle easily dissolve in water to produce a balanced acidic solution used in a wide variety of metal finishing operations
Acid Pickle \ Dry Acid Salts


We pride ourselves in giving the best customer service, while producing high quality reasonably priced kits for the DIY enthusiast restorer.
Dissolves easily in water to produce a  solution used in a wide variety of metal finishing operations:

Activator prior to plating on steel, zinc alloy, copper, brass, iron and aluminium,
Nickel activation.
Rust removal from steel.
Chrome stripping.
Activation of Zinc prior to chromate treatment.

Dry acid pickle, with their absence of fumes, are safe to store and use.  They are used at room temperature or can be heated depending on the application. They can also be used at different rates and will make up between 2.5 litres and 20 litres depending on the concentration.
The size and scope of the items processed is  limited only by the size and shape of the tank you use.
Based on the commercial electroplating system we use for our own restoration projects, this kit helps to give professional results for the DIY enthusiast.
Value for money, high quality and economical, this process comes with a comprehensive guide and safety instructions, containing all of the information you will need to prepare the part for plating. Our products are fully supported by a customer service technical helpline and email support.
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