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At Classic Plating we do our own plating on classic car and motorbike restoration projects. The plating on these projects ranges from passivated zinc for the mechanicals, through to replica chrome for the bright work. With care and advice where needed, any DIY enthusiast or restorer  using one of our kits can produce quality results.
Based on the commercial electroplating system we use for our own restoration projects, we produce kits that give professional results for the DIY enthusiast. These kits make it practical to also restore and protect the myriad of smaller parts that are often left unloved during a restoration project, because of the expense involved.
Many of the processes employed in plating larger items for car and bike restoration are also applicable, on a smaller scale to jewellery restoration and repair. With this in mind we have recently introduced a series of jewellery brush plating kits for Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Nickel. We have also introduced brush plating kits for Zinc and Nickel for fine detail work on Car and Bike restoration.
A lot of people, when they hear the term brush plating, assume that it involves some sort of paint. Not so, the process is identical to tank plating producing similar results. The brush is dipped in the electrolyte and when in contact with the metal acts as the anode plating the metal.

We strive to bring you the best value for money kits. This involves an R&D program which some times results in changes to the actual contents of the kits, which may then not correspond directly with the product supplied or the photograph of the product.

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